Dear Manny…

Are you that good? Is it really that easy?

After the Granny on Manny Bobblehead Night the word on everybody’s lips was, “UNBELIEVABLE!”

I respectfully disagree. In fact, I think it’s the exact opposite. Very believable!

Any time you grab a bat, Dodgers fans believe that something great is gonna happen. And when you step into the batter’s box, the energy in the stadium increases ten-fold with belief. And when you swing that bat…. We do believe.

The standard that you’ve set for yourself really is unattainable on a daily basis.

I’ve actually sensed a feeling of disappointment when you rifled a ball up the middle for a measly base hit. A walk actually brings out hatred for the other team for their fear of pitching to you. And if, God forbid, you pop up, or ground out, or swing and miss… you’re in a slump.

So when you’re too hurt to start, miss batting practice completely, take three minutes to find a bat and helmet to use to pinch hit with, and then hit the first pitch you see for your 21st grand slam of your career — into the Mannywood section — on Manny bobblehead night… Come on!

What else did you think we we expecting?

As I was high-fiving fans I’ve never laid eyes on before and as I watch Russell Martin laughing hysterically while running around the bases, I noticed Juan Pierre, the next hitter. He had no intention of getting into the box to hit. He was waiting for the crowd to go even crazier — until you would come back out of the dugout for a curtain call. To wave your helmet and take a bow.

For all the believers.


  1. booboochen

    I was at the game and am proudly displaying my Manny Bobblehead. The screw in bat and pine tar helmet are awesome! I really didn’t see an empty seat last night and that wasn’t the case during the NLCS. The Bison’s Bobblehead night is coming up. I hope lightening strikes twice!


    Last nite was amazing!!! Im so happy for Manny, he shut all his haters up!!!……. at least for a nite, i don’t think they will ever go away. lol

    Go Blue!!!!!!!!

  3. thinkingblue

    Great moment….and I will not forget it. I watched from from home but it was still wonderful. I would of love to see Russell Martin running those bases and laughing.

  4. sparkleplenty_1

    Don’t you get the feeling Manny could hit a home run EVERY TIME HE COMES TO BAT??!! Almost automatic . . . . .

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