April 2009

An off day vs. a day off

You know what the difference between an “off day” and a day off is? They sound the same, don’t they?  But trust me, the Dodgers know they are vastly different.

April 20th was a day on the schedule where the Dodgers didn’t play a game. A Day off, right? Wrong. That day was an “off day.”

If it were a day off, Casey Blake may have spent his time with his three daughters and newborn son. Russell Martin may have shopped for a new pair of shades and taken his girlfriend out for a nice dinner. James Loney may have cleaned up his room and did some laundry.

Those guys didn’t do any of that stuff because April 20th was an “off day” not a day off. They had to be at the ballpark by 10 AM, on the bus at 11 and on a flight to Houston by 1. Because the next day was the beginning of the 9 game road trip to Houston, Colorado and San Francisco that they just finished up. During that time there wasn’t an “off day” OR day off.

And now that they are back home to start an 11 game home stand in Dodger stadium where they have yet to be defeated, the next “off day” isn’t until Monday, May 11th.

Notice, I said “off day”….not day off.

That’s 20 games in 20 days.

So the next time the Dodgers don’t have a game on the schedule, Blake will kiss his wife and kids good bye, Martin will promise a nice dinner when he gets home, and Loney will clean up later. Because on that day, they will go to the park, get on a bus and then hop on a plane to Philly and then Florida.

Off day.

The next day off for your Dodgers is May 21st.

— Steve Lyons

Lyons first post…

Wow!! I’m a blogger—-albeit with the help of the Dodgers and Eric Collins, but it’s true.

I’m really excited about this! Now I’m even thinking about getting a facebook page and tweeting somebody. (I can do that without getting fired again, can’t I?)

Last week I had to hit the #7 key on my phone four times just to get the letter “s” into the sentence I was texting somebody, and now… I’m a blogger! Welcome to the new century.

Since this is my first entry I thought I might set the expectations for what kind of postings you may see from me in the future.

As previously stated, I’m computer illiterate, technologically left in the dust and otherwise flabbergasted as to why anybody would want to know what I think about a road trip to Pittsburgh in September or any other time. So I doubt I’ll be killing a lot of brain cells hovering over this computer four times a week explaining what went wrong with the bullpen last night.

What I will do is check in to what you are saying about the Dodgers, try to answer some of the questions you may have and try to write about things that really stood out in my mind when they happen.

What you won’t hear from me is a basic recap of what we all saw the night before. If I did the game that night, you already heard what I thought and if it was a game that Vin did…..what else needs to be said?

I’ll be way more interested in what you have to say, and hearing your thoughts on the Dodgers than whatever I write here. I’m sure the Dodgers would appreciate it if I pretty much stick to what happens on the field, but you know me…..I won’t.

There’s gonna be tons of opportunities to talk about how far Manny’s Home Run ball actually traveled or why the 2-2 pitch Bills threw to Pujols in the 7th wasn’t called a strike, and hopefully with your help we’ll get deeper into some of those situations, but the way I look at it, if I go on a 10 day roadie with the Dodgers to New York, Milwaukee and Chicago and the only thing I can find to talk about is the games…….??

Stick around.

The first post…

Glad you found our new blog … this should be a lot of fun.  A casual way to talk about the team and life on the road.  Steve and I are hoping to update this blog more often than not before and after games, hopefully we can get a good dialog going with you and maybe it’ll spill over into the broadcasts.  That’s the goal.

Today was the first regular season broadcast for Steve and I.  I feel a bit guilty that the Dodgers’ 8-game winning streak came to an end on our watch … but what can you do?  The Dodgers didn’t do a ton right for the majority of the game but they still had a real shot to tie or go ahead in the ninth.  They fought and that’s got to make everyone happy.  I think that Joe T. will take his chances with Russell Martin at the plate with the game on the line.  He’s a special player.

For me … I had a blast doing my first TV Dodger game.  There were a lot of 16-hour bus rides to Winnipeg to get to this point.  A lot of pickled eggs and lutefisk sandwiches in Fargo to get to my first Dodger TV game.  A lot of rainy nights pulling the tarp on and off in Rochester thinking about a chance like this.  Thousands of hours of minor league games where no one was listening to get to this point where I could talk with you Dodger fans.

Unfortunately the final score wasn’t that memorable.  But I’ll always remember it.  And hey, the Dodgers have still won 8 of 9 …. and still can go 158-4 on the season.

Until tomorrow ….