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Mail Bag from Psycho

When I started this blog along with Eric, I said that I would occasionally check in and maybe answer a question or two about what YOU have written in response to my posts. Today is the day. In case it is unclear what the question/statement was – you may have to refer back to the actual post to put an answer with a question, but if I answered yours, you know who you are.



Thanks to “fmontez” for giving us all a usable definition for what a “yellowhammer” is. (which is a nasty overhand curve ball that will buckle your knees)
The one we came up with in between innings in Houston had to do with new uniforms during the Civil War and was convoluted and boring.
Just for a point of reference, Randy Wolf has a pretty good yellowhammer at times.

32and53fan” wanted to know what happens to a guy if he gets called up and down two or three times a year.

He’s on his own. The team is responsible to pay for a hotel for 3 days after a call up and the player is expected to work out the terms of the lease he may have signed in “AAA”. If that player has a family he is also responsible for travel, lodging and all expenses that will be incurred moving and feeding them. And it all starts over again if he gets sent back down.
Glamorous, huh?

Nachotaco“–Said he liked my hair.

The hair is gone. Girlfriend likes it longer, I like it shorter. Got tired of taking too long make it look presentable.

32and53fan” – wondered about Matt Kemp and a 6th tool in baseball.

Excellent comments on the 6th tool in baseball.
The 5 tools are; hitting, hitting with power, running, fielding, and arm strength. 5 tool players don’t come around all that often.

You used the words “baseball brain” when you were referring to Kemp.  How about we call it “instincts”? I love the concept of a 6th tool and a great player has to have them all. Don’t be too hard on Kemp though—the only way to develop that 6th tool is repetition. Seeing every play over and over and over…



Oldbrooklynfan” – said, “isn’t 0 for 4 an off day?

Jeanie m” — Thanked me for helping her carry her camera lenses up the stairs in Houston when the elevator broke down.
My Mom taught me to at least try to be a gentleman.

“Jerry@graphicyte” – doesn’t sympathize with the Dodger schedule.

Relax. I was simply pointing out how many days in a row these guys have to play. And the reason they are “paid VERY well” is because they are the best in the world at what they do. So yes, they do have a few months off at the end of the season, but you, most likely have every weekend off—I hope you don’t miss that opportunity to kiss the wife and kids….

Though I will not spend time on this page to answer personal requests, sorry to “Erika” for dropping your jacket. Hope you got the autograph OK.


Wallymoonman”  — wanted to know what “Tinkle Guy” meant.

The “Tinkle Guy” is what I like to call Matt Kemp because he is so talented and fun to watch. He still has some learning to do but I see a guy who is trying to get better every day. So I just figure you should not get caught “tinkling” while he is at the plate because you may miss something amazing….

Chillicat” – thinks I have a big ego.

Indeed you have been spoiled for 60 years listening to the greatest broadcaster of all time, Vin Scully. Think of how amazing it is that the most popular Dodger EVER is somebody that never actually PLAYED for the Dodgers!

But in case you missed it, I was hired to be an analyst. It is very much my job to tell you what I think, predict what may happen and tell you what should have happened during the game. Maybe you’re a bit confused because Vin is a play-by-play announcer and works alone, he does not analyze the game because that isn’t his job.

I believe that in our lives we all strive to become the best at something—-anything. For the last 40 years I have dedicated and devoted my life to the game of baseball and it is the one area of my life where I’m very confident and proud to call myself an expert. Ego? Maybe a wee bit.

I’m sure that there are many fans that agree with your opinion of me— I am energetic, passionate, and won’t miss an opportunity to have fun during a broadcast. That’s not for everybody, but I will continue to try to evoke opinions out of Dodger fans with my observations, comments, and opportunities to teach the game as they come up.

Oddly, I didn’t know that the Dodgers were such fierce rivals with the Red Sox, White Sox and Expos — the teams I played for.

Believe it or not, this has been my favorite response of all that I’ve read. I believe the only way to get better at what you do is if somebody points out what you’re doing wrong so you can correct it. Your comments and criticisms will never be deleted from this blog.

Thanks for having my back!

That’s it. Go Dodgers!