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The first post…

Glad you found our new blog … this should be a lot of fun.  A casual way to talk about the team and life on the road.  Steve and I are hoping to update this blog more often than not before and after games, hopefully we can get a good dialog going with you and maybe it’ll spill over into the broadcasts.  That’s the goal.

Today was the first regular season broadcast for Steve and I.  I feel a bit guilty that the Dodgers’ 8-game winning streak came to an end on our watch … but what can you do?  The Dodgers didn’t do a ton right for the majority of the game but they still had a real shot to tie or go ahead in the ninth.  They fought and that’s got to make everyone happy.  I think that Joe T. will take his chances with Russell Martin at the plate with the game on the line.  He’s a special player.

For me … I had a blast doing my first TV Dodger game.  There were a lot of 16-hour bus rides to Winnipeg to get to this point.  A lot of pickled eggs and lutefisk sandwiches in Fargo to get to my first Dodger TV game.  A lot of rainy nights pulling the tarp on and off in Rochester thinking about a chance like this.  Thousands of hours of minor league games where no one was listening to get to this point where I could talk with you Dodger fans.

Unfortunately the final score wasn’t that memorable.  But I’ll always remember it.  And hey, the Dodgers have still won 8 of 9 …. and still can go 158-4 on the season.

Until tomorrow ….