Lyons first post…

Wow!! I’m a blogger—-albeit with the help of the Dodgers and Eric Collins, but it’s true.

I’m really excited about this! Now I’m even thinking about getting a facebook page and tweeting somebody. (I can do that without getting fired again, can’t I?)

Last week I had to hit the #7 key on my phone four times just to get the letter “s” into the sentence I was texting somebody, and now… I’m a blogger! Welcome to the new century.

Since this is my first entry I thought I might set the expectations for what kind of postings you may see from me in the future.

As previously stated, I’m computer illiterate, technologically left in the dust and otherwise flabbergasted as to why anybody would want to know what I think about a road trip to Pittsburgh in September or any other time. So I doubt I’ll be killing a lot of brain cells hovering over this computer four times a week explaining what went wrong with the bullpen last night.

What I will do is check in to what you are saying about the Dodgers, try to answer some of the questions you may have and try to write about things that really stood out in my mind when they happen.

What you won’t hear from me is a basic recap of what we all saw the night before. If I did the game that night, you already heard what I thought and if it was a game that Vin did…..what else needs to be said?

I’ll be way more interested in what you have to say, and hearing your thoughts on the Dodgers than whatever I write here. I’m sure the Dodgers would appreciate it if I pretty much stick to what happens on the field, but you know me…..I won’t.

There’s gonna be tons of opportunities to talk about how far Manny’s Home Run ball actually traveled or why the 2-2 pitch Bills threw to Pujols in the 7th wasn’t called a strike, and hopefully with your help we’ll get deeper into some of those situations, but the way I look at it, if I go on a 10 day roadie with the Dodgers to New York, Milwaukee and Chicago and the only thing I can find to talk about is the games…….??

Stick around.


  1. trolley_dodger

    Don’t worry, Psycho — I’m sure you’ll be fine. Bloggers are expected to be a little different than most folks, so you’ll fit right in. 😉

  2. efbergman

    Steve! Great to hear you have a blog. I have been listening and enjoying your Dodger analysis for years (as well as your self-deprecating humor lol). I hope you stay with the organization for a long time. Cant wait to read more on your Blog!


    Well guys, there was a comment made during the game about a curve ball that looked like a “Yellow Hammer” I think it was Psycho who bought it up, and he said he had no idea how the name came about.

    The internet says:

    “A nickname for an exceptional curveball. The term is derived from the similarity between a sharp 12-to-6 downward breaking curve and the manner in which the Yellowhammer bird dives towards its insect prey. Slow curves or curves with progressive, arcing breaks would not be identified by this term. Active MLB pitchers who have been known to throw curves of Yellow Hammer quality include David Wells, Ben Sheets, Kerry Wood, Tom Gordon, John Lackey, and Barry Zito. Former pitchers who were known to possess this pitch include Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, Bert Blyleven, and Rick Ankiel (retired from pitching but now active as a major-league outfielder).”

    I wasnt satisfied, so I consulted my “Baseball Dictionary” (its a great, and hilarious book, great gift) and what they had to say was (under etymology) “Almost every reference made to this term in print notes that the person uttering the term has NO idea where it came from, or how it became a name for a curveball”

    Love the commentary, you know its good commentary when we, in our living rooms and bars all over the southland, are saying the exact same thing you are MOST of the time.

    Go Blue !

  4. 32and53fan

    There are plenty of places to read about the games. What would be nice to hear from you is a behind the scenes look at life on the road. If you have any insights into the personal aspects of the baseball business. For example, a guy gets called up from Albuquerque and is expected to show up for tonights game. What happens to his life? What does he do with his apartment, car, TV, DVDs, etc. How does a player handle keeping up a residence during the season, especially if he gets called up and sent down a couple of times during the year?

  5. nachotaco

    hey Steve… I love how you are brutally honest in your broadcasts… Its a real refresher from the announcers out there who tow the corporate line and are wound a bit too tight…

    My questions for you are What is your ultimate goal in baseball these days? Do you like being the color guy in games or dong the pre/post game reports? TV / Radio (which do you prefer) Are you looking into sliding into a play caller?? Lets face it Vin isn’t going to be around forever (don’t think he’s signed past this season)



  6. azdodger53

    Hey Psycho, living in AZ I don’t get to hear you guys much, so it’s nice to catch your thoughts in a blog. Good luck with it. Just like 32and53 fan I’ve always been curious about all the behind the scenes things and the question about how guys such as DeWitt who spend the season going back and forth to the minors deal with the normal things in life are facinating. Hope you guys can share some of this kind of thing with us. Keep up the great work.

  7. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Steve
    I’m pretty sure you’ll write more about things other than the actual plays. I always wanted to tell you how much I like the way you analyze different things that go on in the game, mostly based on your own playing experiences. Your honesty really puts a lot of fun and humor into watching the game.
    Make sure you show Eric Connors what it means to bring the Dodger game to the fans.
    I’ve been listening to and watching the Dodgers way back to Red Barber and Connie Desmond, who by the way, was my favorite, and I remember when Vin Scully started out.
    Vin,of course, is the greatest of them all.
    Remember, though, Records were made to be broken.
    But keep them 33s 45s and 78s
    Joe Pierre

  8. scott93063

    Steve – You seem like a good jokester, so maybe you can pull this off – I would love to see someone pull a prank on Manny by giving him a new Dodger uniform that is the same number as his except the name on the back is “Roberts”. Manny is always saying how he is Dave Roberts and he’s going to hits singles and steal bases now. It would be hilarious to see Manny run onto the field with the wrong name on his back !

  9. 32and53fan

    Too bad tonight is a KCAL game. I would like your commentary on the play in the first inning when Kemp collided with Eithier. To me it was clear that Kemp came into Andre’s territory and caused the collision on a ball that Andre had all the way. It goes back to my previous post that Kemp is a five tool player, not six tool. He does not have a baseball brain.
    There are so many fans that apologize for Kemp saying that he grew up playing basketball. But how complicated is it to know where the ball is and if your teammate called for it?

  10. popejonash

    Hey Steve, I’m researching a book and I wondered whether you covered Nomo’s no-hitter in 1996? Or would you know the best person to speak to as a first point of contact at the club? Thanks,

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